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Default Password for Liebert PEX

Liebert Precision Cooling from Emerson Network Power is the Precision Environmental Control System for your Data center. Liebert.PEX The default username and password for Liebert is : username  :  Liebert Password :  Liebert

NTI Enviromux Default IP Address

I have to write here the default IP address, default admin and password for NTI Enviromux for Data center monitoring system, because I think  one day I will need this information. ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16 Default IP Address (Internet protocol) for NTI Enviromux : Default username and password for NTI Enviromux : user :  root password : admin

Connect Electric Power to Mini USB

This is my note to do not forget connecting mini USB terminal (female) to the 5V target device. I need this connection to supply electric power  for my hand made power bank, so I can use standard phone charger (many phone chargers using mini USB connector). Female Mini USB Socket Power cable Connected to the pins (female mini USB)