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Jalan Raya Bojong Soang - Baleendah di Saat Banjir

Ketika musim banjir seperti saat sekarang ini, akses ke Bandung selatan melalui Dayeuh Kolot dan sebaliknya dari selatan ke arah kota Bandung  tidak bisa dilewati kendaraan bermotor baik roda dua maupun roda empat, karena genangan air yang cukup tinggi. Dampaknya, akses ke kota Bandung dan sebaliknya yang melalui jalan raya Baleendah - Bojong Soang terjadi kemacetan yang cukup parah. Macet di Jalan raya Baleendah - Bojong Soang   lokasi : menjelang jembatan Citarum 1  Depan Pom bensin Baleendah

Malabar Radio Station

Malabar radio station was the first radio station that connects the Dutch East Indies (Hindia Belanda/Indonesia) to the Netherlands, was officially opened on December 5 May 1923 by the Governor-General Mr. De Fock, once it is also the first telegraph radio communications connection between the Dutch East Indies and Netherlands The location is at the foot of the mountain Malabar about 30km south of the city of Bandung. That time to build a radio station Malabar was not easy, Big and heavy equipment and supporting tools for builtthe  transmitter, difficult to reach the site, a small street, uphill, steep cliffs, and cold temperatures and often shrouded in fog. Antenna cable was built with 2km stretch between the two slopes of the mountain with an altitude of 250-750 meters from the ground, at that time become  the world's tallest antenna.

Office 365 Home Premium

Microsoft has officially introduced a new software that is intended for modern families, where they are getting busy in dividing time between work and taking care of the household work. Software called Office 365 Home Premium. This is a service from the cloud-based Microsoft. This Office 365 Home Premium has : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Acess.